Thirty-five years ago, TRANSITIONAL EMPLOYMENT UNLIMITED (TEU) was founded to help people with disabilities maintain employment.  Since its beginning, Transitional Employment Unlimited has served thousands of clients in Connecticut through referrals from the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, the Veterans Administration, public school systems and other agencies.   Link to TEU Website for more information: http://www.letsworkct.com

Today, Transitional Employment Unlimited, is expanding its services to include students at the high school level, and have hence developed the WATTS Program to specifically address this population. Because TEU offers its services in almost three-quarters of the state, providing a range of services from Vocational Assessments and Career Explorations to an effective Behavior Modification program for the more difficult clients for adult populations, why not reach these young adults prior to graduation and subsequently BRS? Reaching this population of students at this time would yield an even more proactive approach to transition students with employment support, intervention, education and training, job readiness, and/or exploring post-secondary education.